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March 18 2024: I've set up an email! It's something I should have done a long time ago, but my domain provider doesn't have an immediate way to set one up internally so I put it off for a good while. I've put a link on the homepage as well, but if you have any questions about the website, if the RSS feed is broken, etc, you can reach me at

A few other updates have been made as well, namely this news page and the little "latest update" bit at the top of the home page. I'd like to make this a slightly more active space, so there may be a few more little things here and there in the next few weeks.


presented in reverse chronological order

March 18 2024: Welcome to the news page. I'm currently testing it, so if you're seeing it on the date listed you've probably gotten here via your neocities feed. Don't go sharing it! It's a secret til it's ready. [Editor's note: actually I felt like it was pretty much "done" shortly after writing that so I already shared it around. Who knows how you got here or when! The possibilities are endless]

This page is pretty transparently inspired by the way Evan Dahm has archived past news posts on his own website, which is to say, all in a row. My main goal with this website is to keep it as simple for me to keep track of as possible without compromising too much on the stuff I want to be able to do with it; this sort of approach seems to be a pretty unobtrusive way to present more information to a visitor without it distracting from the simplicity of the home page, and something about having all the posts stacked chronologically on top of each other just seems fun to me.

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